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  • Alexandra Kaziyeva

General Advice for DAT

Schedule to take the exam 3 months before the date. E.g. if you plan to take your exam August, make sure to schedule it May (or even April); you can always push the date if you are not ready but beware of the fees.

Try to schedule your exam on the day of the week you are least exhausted. For instance, Thursdays and Fridays I am the most exhausted after a long week of hard work. I scheduled my first DAT on a Friday, I was exhausted and didn’t do well at all. I rest from Friday nights till Saturday night for Shabbas; feeling most rested Sunday and Monday. I scheduled my second DAT on a Monday and it went much better.

1 week before your exam: use this week to not learn anything new, only review everything

1 day before the exam: commit things to memory that you haven’t already; take it easy; get full night’s rest

Day of the exam: arrive at the testing center 30-40min before your scheduled test time; no jewelry allowed; turn off your phone

Bring with you a small bag (my testing center had lockers to put away belongings) for: water, coffee, fruit (brain food!), hand sanitizer, lip stick (chapped lips are the worst)


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