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  • Alexandra Kaziyeva

The Greatest Day of My Life

Thursday, March 16, 2023 marks the day I got accepted into NSU College of Dental Medicine.

It was a nice sunny day in South Florida for an afternoon walk with my protein shake. Twenty minutes into the walk, I get a call from Fort Lauderdale at 1:13pm. It's from NSUCDM congratulating me for acceptance into their program. I instantly felt euphoria in all parts of my body. I screamed from excitement as well as bursted into tears of joy. I shared the news with family, close friends, and mentors. I am grateful to all the support I have.

I was on the Waitlist for three months since December 16, 2022. Waiting is the worst of the application process but what helps is being proactive! Emailing and calling the admissions counselor (AC) on a weekly basis to express your continued interest. Provide updates to supplement your application (e.g. updated shadowing hours, new recommendation letters, new community service opportunities, new grades, Dean's List). I could not imagine learning dentistry from a different school and I made sure that NSU's Admissions Committee knew how passionate about attending their school.


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