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  • Alexandra Kaziyeva

What Path Lead Me to Dentistry?

Since I was twelve years old, my dream had been to become an ER doctor, driven by a deep desire to alleviate the pain and suffering of others. However, as I embarked on my journey and shadowed several ER doctors, I was confronted with a harsh reality that immediate pain relief for patients was a rarity and I was not able to witness treatments to their completion since patients were sent to other departments.

Each day, I found myself immersed in a sea of agony, witnessing the anguish etched upon the faces of those seeking help. The toll it took on my own mental health was immense. Overwhelmed by the constant sorrow, I sought refuge in food. Surrendering to the destructive cycle of stress eating as my desperate attempt to cope.

The consequences manifested as early signs of periodontitis, causing me pain and discomfort (At the time sitting in that dentist chair, I mistakenly thought the fat from being obese was the cause of my oral pain. However, now I understand that THE culprit was actually inflammation [the drawing is the agent of inflammation: a monster/alien that is a ball of heat, immune cells, and proteins], due to a perfect blend of stress and an unhealthy diet).

My dentist explained to me, with compassion and understanding, that my lifestyle has set me on a destructive path and if I continued down this road, my suffering would only get worse. In that pivotal instant, my interest in dentistry was born. I owe my current health to this dentist, and I would love to pay it forward. As a future clinician, I will always see patients as a complex organism with multiple systems and not just an oral cavity.


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